Desert Divas Hash House Harriers

"Women Rule, Men Drool!"

On Back


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Harriets in charge:

5'll Getcha 20
Bimbo by Day
Casual Friday
Charlotte the Harlot
Cream Filled
Dead Fucking Blind (DFB)
Doggie Style
Dr. Screw Little
Examine Me!
Her Majesty's Ho (H.M.hO)
Hot Spot
Hot 2 Twat
Hover Crap
Ima Hooker
Leave It To Beaver
Mad Dawg
Montreal Exposed
More Sex
Mounting Python
Multiple Orgasm
Pipi Dreadstockings
Pool Tool
Registered Nympho
Repossess Me
Riding Zamboner
Shrinking Dick
Sleeping Booty
Snap On Jilldo
Tastes Like Chicken (TLC)
Tucson Slew
Yank My Doodle

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